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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay usa closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: >> reporter: dramatic prisoner trade is happening in the mideast as with we speak. israel is releasing more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners in exchange for one man. i'm kate marzullo i'll have the latest. you don't see the clouds yet but they are lurking and signal a cooling trend. good morning. light out there, live look at the san mateo bridge. first reports of an accident we'll follow up in a few minutes. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> that's why they call it live tv. >> yep, it is live.
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>> i'm eric thomas. >> kidnapped israeli soldier reunited with his family is what is being called the most lopsided swap in israeli history. released in exchange for hundreds of palestinian prisoners. katie with more. >> reporter: we are just getting to see the first video of israeli sergeant first class shalit as he arrived in egypt after his release from a palestinian prison this moment is five years in the making. it did come at a big price. that in a moment. the young man, 25-years-old, the last five years of his life being held by hamas militants. he is thin, pale. in his first interview, it sounds like he can barely breathe as he talked. he did tell the reporter he is excited to taste freedom and missed his family and friends.
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his release contingent on israel releasing more than with 1,000 palestinian prisoners. advance carrying the first few hundred out of israel seen overnight. hundreds waited at the west bank checkpoint to greet them. they were seen waving palestinian flags and the flag of hamas. many israelis criticized the deal noting it is the most lopsided prisoner transfer in israel's history. shalit has arrived in central israel for a reunion with his family in the bay area the jewish community federation of san francisco is holding a gathering to watch this morning's events unfold on a live feed that going to begin at 8:00 this morning. we are watching as well. we'll bring the latest updates and that new video, as soon as with we have it. san francisco mayor ed lee will be questioned on his stand on the occupy san francisco protest today.
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demonstrators fighting wealth inequality plan to march despite what looks to be dwindling numbers overnight. amy hollyfield live is with the latest. >> reporter: they are still here. they thought police were going to be moving in and getting them out overnight. you can see occupy san francisco is still going strong. there are police officers out here they are keeping an eye on everything. i asked the officers why? they said the decision was made above them. they are just doing what they are told, that is just to watch over the protesters. check out video from sunday night. this was the scene when officers tore down the occupy san francisco encampment. protesters moved to the plaza because they ran out of space on market street. five people were arrested sunday night when police moved the group out. it is the law to be in a city park in san francisco between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.. the parks are closed.
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the protesters came back yesterday. they were warned that they with would be moved again. overnight, it didn't happen. >> i mean, it feels good having a night where we can relax, play some music, not worry so much. i don't have a lot of faith in the police right now. because they didn't come tonight doesn't moon they won't come again. >> reporter: -- protesters complain police roughed them up when they moved in to get them out. police say they with were punched tackled and had unknown fluids thrown on them. today the protesters say they will be going to city hall, a with 1:30 rally hoping time pack the board of supervisors and the mayor. today is their question and answer session. they plan to make their presence known this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 4:34.
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the occupy oakland movement is bolstered by high profile visitors who gave support and encouragement yesterday. the three american hikers who with were charged with espionage and imprisoned in iran used their first return visit to the bay area to boost morale outside oakland city hall. >> this feels like coming home to oakland, to this, this is amazing. [ applause ] >> because we are americans shared a special privilege with we knew we wouldn't be forgotten. a lot of prisoners don't have that. a lot of prisoners are sitting inside for all they know they are forgotten. >> never doubt that every piece of support helps. a particular message to everyone here in occupy oakland, i support you. [ applause ] >> the presence of police on the plaza in front of city hall drew a crud of angry demonstrators. police decided to stand down
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without confrontation. san jose police trying to solve a murder case where all the evidence is missing. they know there was a fatal shooting at saturday's funeral for murdered hells angels leader. they know the victim was a fellow hells angels member. police got a warrant and exhumeed the coffin of pet drew but found no evidence of a cemetery killing. police believe the shooter was immediately kill and his body was smuggled past police who surrounded oak hill memorial park. police chief moore is expected to speak about a fatal shooting involving one of his officers. police have not revealed if the man who was killed was carrying a weapon. four officers responded to a one call of an armed suspect in an -- responded to a 911 call. a man was tased by two officers, minutes later shot
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and killed by a third officer. one resident at the apartment complex says he thinks deadly force was necessary. >> i'm confident the officer did feel threatened. i've heard from various people that were witness to it that he did seem to have a weapon and seem very hostile. >> police say the officer who fired the fatal shot is a 23 year -- make that 28 year veteran of the department this is the sixth fatal shooting involving a san jose police officer this year, three fatal. in milpedis, police investigating their second mur of the year. -- second murder of the year. police with were called saturday after someone reported shots were fired. they found an unidentified 18-year-old lying dead on the sidewalk. police are not saying whether it was gang related. co-owner of the a's plans to buy land owned by the city to help convince commissioner
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selig that he's serious about moving his team to the south bay. the san jose city council will meet tonight to discuss terms for the sale of six properties they added to just over half of the 14 a kerrs earmarked for the site. two other parcels -- are owned by at&t and a loss guy toes family. theíeb a's need the permission f mlb and team owners to move to san jose that's considered to be giant territory. it was beautiful yesterday afternoon. took the opportunity to play a little baseball catch with my son. today he wants to do football. >> tackle mommy! 4:38 now. good morning. at least you will be able to see her now. visibility is unlimited in most neighborhoods. head to the coast you can see the clouds lurking visibility less than a quarter of a mile at half moon bay that's the
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clouds or cloud deck that is going to move in and bring cooler conditions morning and afternoon. mild, san francisco and oakland at 60. 62 antioch. other than fairfield at 50 everybody else in the mid to you upper 50s. by the afternoon, thick clouds along the coast 62 half moon bay, partly cloudy in san francisco 67. 69 richmond. more sun and warmth low to mid 70s around the bay shore up into the north bay mid to upper 70s south bay upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys for the warmest weather. south and around the monseray bay mid to upper 60s for you low 70s in salinas, near 80 gilroy and morgan hill. more clouds, more drizzle tonight and cooler tomorrow into thursday clouds disappear, the sun comes back so does the warmer weather friday through monday. good morning sue you have an
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accident? >> i do. just in the clearing phases the noncommute direction eastbound highway 4 at summersville should be out of lanes shortly. oakland southbound 880 at embarcadero accident just cleared out of lanes there you shouldn't find any significant slowing. golden gate bridge came upon a little fog looks like it is expanding on the span, no real problems as you come out of the waldo tunnel into san francisco. san rafael light southbound 101 taillights headed in the southbound direction past the civic center. 4:40. a positive impact. now the families of patients who underwent one type of weight loss surgery ended up shedding pounds themselves. always use a designated driver, right? unless it is your 9-year-old.3q
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good morning on this tuesday. 4: 2 you are looking at both sides of the bay what do you see? clear, right? the skies not a lot of fog. we'll talk to mike about where you might find a little bit and where temperatures will go today. sue will check out your commute coming up. a michigan man is being ordered to stay away from his 9-year-old daughter after he admitted to letting her drive because he was drunk. the incident happened october 8th, 3:00 in the morning at this gas station caught on camera. witness alerted police a little girl was pulling up to the pumps with her dad. police found the vehicle found the girl driving sitting on a butter seat. >> she indicated he was drinking -- for whatever reason instead of her being in bed at 3 a.m. he decided to go for a ride after drinking. >> father is facing felony child abuse charges. the girl was turned over to
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her grandmother after police couldn't locate her mother. patients who turned to gastric bypass to fight obesity aren't the only ones benefits. new study shows the operation has unintended consequences for the families. >> reporter: we all know gastric bypass surgery can help you lose weight. a first of its kind study at stanford university school of medicine found surgery patient's family members will also shed pounds. >> this problem affects the whole family. the whole family can work to fix this problem. >> reporter: 85 people participated in the study. 60% of family members were obese, 73% of patient's children also obese. the guidelines required patients and families to receive dietary and lifestyle counseling. according to the author, all of this lead to weight loss for every participant.
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>> they want to keep up with what the patient is doing. they want to reinforce what the patient is doing. here a lowering of the weight raises all boats, if you will. >> reporter: that's what happened in this household. >> i started at 289 pounds, before my surgery. i currently stayed 169 pounds. >> reporter: gary's weight loss was vital for his health. he noticed as he gained, so did his family. once he had gastric bypass, he lost weight and his family followed suit. >> everyone in our family was dieting, eating differently, not going out to eat. certainly what was the social reason to get together, eating together was becoming less and less important. >> reporter: his wife and son loss a total of 30 pounds. that's not all, gary is an orthopedic surgeon. he noticed his patients and co-workers lost weight too. the report and findings are
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available in the archives of surgery. >> little surprising, not that surprising, because you know that you eat alike and exercise alike when you are a family. >> absolutely. a lot of times you are eating the same things. 4:46. fans bid a final farewell to al davis. amazing pictures of a dust storm as it seeps to devour a text -- as it seems to devour a texas town. moments of terror. police release audio of a 911 call as a gunman went on a cl
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cool fall temperatures highs in the mid 40s far kpwoe, minneapolis mid to upper 30s around chicago and st. louis. 70s around d.c. and atlanta,
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97 phoenix seattle 64 port land 71 storms moving through the mid south around florida causing flooding. no flight problems right now. check out our fright tracker any time you travel, this is a crime that stunned the nation. discovery of disabled adults held captive in a philadelphia basement is leading police to believe there may be others involved across the nation. john hendron takes a closer look at the inhumane conditions the victims faced and what police say is a wide ranging fraud scheme. >> reporter: this is the dungeon of the horror house. >> it looks like a dungeon. these people were stored like surplus meat in the basement. >> reporter: it was here that four handicapped adults were held in pitch blackness, little water and bucket for a toilet. one for more than a decade:
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the landlord made the horrific discovery pushing open a door to find starving captives, one chain today to a boiler. they were held -- chained to a boiler. they were held while their social security and disability checks were stolen. >> this might get worse before it is over. >> reporter: because police found the social security numbers of 50 people and a trail tracking the alleged kidnappers to texas, florida, virginia and finally to fill. >> a case is going to take a -- to philadelphia. >> the case going to take a long time before we fully understand the depths of it. these are just four that we know of. >> reporter: the grandmother of one learned of his discovery with relief and shock. >> he was a trusting person and they took complete advantage of him. >> reporter: the four captives are recovering, including knowles who managed to smile
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after his ordeal. the captors face kidnapping and other charges as the fbi launches a national investigation of how many victims there are in a case police call truly horrific. john hendron, abc news. portions of texas cleaning up after a huge dust storm. a wall of dust swept across the town of lubbock yesterday. residents say they haven't seen anything like this in decades. buildings were damaged, powerlines went down and roads blocked by falling trees. wind gusts as high as 70 miles-an-hour. is it that dark there from the dust? it took an hour for the storm to blow there. an hour after for the dust to settle. >> just another sign of the drought. no drought that doesn't happen. the highest condition you can be in. unfortunate for them. >> welcome back. >> thanks.
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went to college for a couple of days. good morning, 4:52, checking out the bay bridge this morning. just a little haze. thickest clouds lurking at the coast will start to move in over the next couple of hours don't be surprised if we see more fog along the golden gate. and fog shooting to oakland before the morning is over. let's talk about those temperatures. 60 in san francisco and oakland. san jose, mountain view and antioch in the low 60s everybody else mid to upper 60s fairfield the cool spot 50 watch out for that thick fog along the coast visibility less than a quarter of a mile along highway one. around the monterey bay and inland fog, mid to upper 50s. cooler today, clouds that will cling to the coast while the ref of us should see sun -- the rest of us should see sun.
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once we get through this cooling trend, warmer, drier and sunny skies for friday, saturday, sunday monday. today, as much as we ramped up yesterday we lose it today. fremont 8° cooler, concord 9. double digits for oakland, san francisco 15° cooler than yesterday. we still have the areas of high pressure dominating throughout the great basin into the pacific northwest. this area of low pressure is moving towards the bay area and bringing the onshore or sea breeze the cooler winds today and tomorrow and the drizzle tonight. inland areas least affected still in the upper 70s to low 80s in most areas. as you head eastbound brentwood 83 the warm spot. back to the east bay shore low to mid 70s richmond 69 warm
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spot today fremont 74. in the south bay mid to upper 70s cupertino, san jose 77. peninsula, low to mid 70s. look at the clouds along the coast low to mid 60s for you, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. 80s around ukiah, 20° cooler at beaches monterey bay mid to upper 60s. around the state 80s in the central valley 70 tahoe 82 l.a.. 99 in palm springs. after the morning drizzle lingering clouds and cooler weather tomorrow another 2 to 6° drop, small warming trend thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, sun and warmer than average weather even at the coast. good morning. live shot now of southbound 680 taillights headed to the north main direction of walnut
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creek just roadwork to report. southbound at stone valley road, sycamore valley road on and off-ramps closed, they should be picked up in the next 10 minutes or so. toll plaza very light, no problems metering lights off. roadwork 80 westbound university off-ramp closed. first report of police activity 580 at 98 on-ramp closed for the time being. our time is 4:55. >> friends and fans of al davis can now pay tribute. davis was entombed sunday in a private ceremony in oakland. the public is now being allowed to visit the cy. fans began going yesterday a large picture of davis is in front of the crypt. it will be replaced by a permanent plaque. larger crowds are expected during the week as word of the location spreads. in southern california investigators released 911
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tapes, giving a glimpse of the horrifying moments during a salon shooting rampage. seal beach police say scott dekraoeu barged in, he -- dekraai barged in and shot everyone in his path. >> >> the shooting left eight dead. the one survivor went home from the hospital yesterday. the orange county district attorney intends to seek the death penalty if dekraai is convicted. major pop line safety bill prompted by the san bruno disaster clears a hurdle in washington. that's next on abc7 news at 5 a.m..
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>> reporter: occupy san francisco protesters got a pleasant surprise overnight. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have details coming up. the price of police protection. the crime fighting tax up for a vote in oakland and critics who say they don't trust city hall with the money.
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